& Subsidies

Financing business ventures is an art and a passion in itself. It is professionalism and engineering approach combined with a partnership approach to all interested parties.

As part of financing, we organize the finances you will use for your business ventures (if you convince us to your own idea) and obtaining external funds (e.g. from industry or financial investors).

In terms of grants, we act as a partner and intermediary; because we work with specialists who are the best in the industry!

Our specialities

European Union Grants

Loans for firms

Brand investors

Financial investors

Business angels

Venture capital

Our values

Motivation and partnership

Most of all, we become a loyal and committed partner on your way to success. Trust and transparency are the motto of our cooperation.

Methods and effects

The effects of our work are not the result of a coincidence, but rather knowledge, competence, and the use of professional and modern solutions. Thanks to our experience in the trade, service, and production industries, we successfully implement solutions that bring the best business results.

Our methods

Analysis of an idea / business plan
We immediately talk about facts, figures, and use a number of financial indicators and business modeling to identify opportunities and risks.
Identification of funding opportunities and implementation plans
Any financing, regardless of its form, requires proper implementation and execution. In the financing process, we take into account the claims of creditors and the plans of entrepreneurs. As a result, an action plan and a contract for its implementation are created.
With investors, partners, creditors and shareholders. Each financial undertaking requires negotiations, terms and conditions, and finding the best offers.
Beginning of project
This is the most critical moment, requiring the right methodology and implementation of pre-established conditions. Therefore, at this stage, we implement leadership and management strategies for the most effective launch of the project.
Partnership and trust
The entire project is a partnership system built on trust and transparency. Therefore, clear rules and confidentiality agreements apply to all parties to the relationship.

Benefits of cooperation

Only a few business ventures do not require an initial contribution. Almost all of them require it at the very beginning or right at the beginning of development. For many different reasons, business projects also need financing in the later stages of their existence – be it one-time capital injections or permanent financing on the basis of working capital loans.

When you start your cooperation with us, you can be sure that we will take all calculations made by ourselves seriously and tell you what’s going on in the grass. Humanly, but by numbers – that is how we will talk about your project, because its implementation is supposed to bring you money, satisfaction, and pleasure, and to achieve this, you need to work in a team!